What's Wrong With This Book?

Missed Fortune 101

Whether you are a professional advisor or home owner, you need to know the truth about the book Missed Fortune 101 (MF101).

This book, as well as Stop Sitting On Your Assets, is being used as a sales tool by life insurance agents, financial planners, and mortgage brokers -- who are unaware that the book uses "fuzzy" math to reach its conclusions. "Fuzzy" math coupled with a total lack of attention to the tax code renders the book less than useful.

MF101 attempts to teach readers to remove equity from a home and reposition those funds in a "tax-favorable" wealth building tool. This is known as "Equity Harvesting."

Let's be clear. Equity Harvesting is a very powerful and useful wealth building tool for the right reader.

However, Equity Harvesting is NOT for everyone, no matter what any author tells you.

This website is here to explain "What's Wrong With" with the book MF101 so professional advisors or a home owners can critically examine the concepts discussed in the book.

You don't want to blindly take an author's word as "gospel" when it comes to removing equity from a home to build a retirement nest egg.

You just might end up with a burnt scrambled egg -- and no nest.

(Or, if you are a professional advisor, a host of lawsuits threatening your retirement plans.)

To read about the major flaws with MF101, please click on the links at the top of the page.

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