Fuzzy Math

Because the "SIDE FUND" in MF101 (where the author would have you grow your wealth) is a cash value life insurance policy (although the reader doesnít find that out until the later chapters of the book), the examples in the book are not accurate as they do not take into account the proper expenses (and donít forget that the expenses are also inaccurate in the book as the author incorrectly assumes interest on home equity debt is deductible when funded into the SIDE FUND.

Summary on the Fuzzy Math in SSOYA

It's really incredible that anyone who knows anything about how money grows in the "real world" or knows anything about expenses in a life insurance policy would take anything in MF101 serious.

The numbers are so fundamentally flawed that they are useless to the non-advisor reader. Additionally, it's an outrage that insurance, financial and mortgage planners are using this book as a sales tool. It proves that they do not critically think about the sales tools they give out or if they have taken a critical look at MF101 are devoid of the needed skills to determine what is so obvious (that the examples in the book are fundamentally flawed).

If you've read this book and thought it was your ticket to build wealth as discussed, that is not the case. If you want to read a book that is grounded in reality and shows you how the math in the book is derived to grow your wealth using the concept of Equity Harvesting, you should purchase The Home Equity Management Guidebook.

Reading it after reading MF101 will be like a breath of fresh air. In addition, the conclusions from The Home Equity Management Guidebook are that Equity Harvesting can work well as a wealth building tool with setup the "right way". To read about this useful, accurate and full disclosure book, please click here.

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