The "Sales Pitch" From The Book

The sales pitch from the book is pretty simple and powerful.

The author I going to give readers a "starter kit to becoming a millionaire."

The author is going to explain common money myths and will systematically dispel them by using his wealth enhancement strategies.

Readers will learn why retirement plans are tax-hostile not tax-favorable.

In summary, the sales pitch from the book appears to be very simple: If you read and implement the strategies of the book, you will be able to retire rich and that the strategies in the book are a "safe" way to grow your wealth.

If the book used "real world" math to come to its conclusions and If the book had a meaningful discussion of the tax code, it could have been a good book for readers to use to implement the strategies discussed. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

As you will learn by surfing this web-site, there are several flaws to the book which do not detract from the entertainment value of reading the book, but will render the book not very useful from a technical standpoint (or in other words, while the book is easy to read, the math used is "fuzzy" and therefore, the conclusion should not be relied upon to implement a financially sound Equity Harvesting plan for retirement).

For a complete, meaningful, and full disclosure look at the concept of Equity Harvesting, you should consider reading the new book The Home Equity Management Guidebook. This book is NOT a sales book but instead is an educational book meant to give readers real world math to determine if an Equity Harvesting plan will work and a complete discussion of the tax code. To learn more about The Home Equity Management Guidebook, please click here.

An Agent's Sales Tool

You should know that books like Missed Fortune 101 and SSOYA are used as sales tools by life insurance agents, financial and mortgage planners. Why? Because the books help sell life insurance and mortgages (and that is not a bad thing when an Equity Harvesting plan is setup in the correct manner for the correct client).

These types of advisors put in full page newspaper adds touting get rich seminars based off the teaching of the book. They also send out post card mailers in an attempt to drive potential clients to show up at educational/sales seminars. At these seminars books are handed out as sales tools and the presentations at these seminars are based off the fuzzy math from the books.

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