The "Sales Pitch" From The Book

To give you an insider's tip on these industries, you should know that most of the advisors selling Equity Harvesting plans based on these books do not themselves know that the books use "fuzzy" math and do not accurately address the tax code.

Additionally, advisors like these books because they do NOT have the needed detail with real world math. Why? Because when you give full disclosure on the powerful wealth building concept of Equity Harvesting, you lose sales. It's sad but true.

Therefore, if you have an advisor who's recommended Missed Fortune 101 or SSOYA, the advisor either has no idea that these books use "fuzzy" math to reach their conclusions or does know it and recommend the book anyway because they know it will drive sales of products to clients who don't know any better.

For a complete, meaningful, and full disclosure look at the concept of Equity Harvesting, you should consider reading the new book The Home Equity Management Guidebook. This book is NOT a sales book but instead is an educational book meant to give readers real world math to determine if an Equity Harvesting plan will work and a complete discussion of the tax code. To learn more about The Home Equity Management Guidebook, please click here.

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